Friday, November 6, 2015

Well That Was Unexpected

Today is Chickie's birthday and she's taking the day off as her final vacation day of the year. She's going to the movies to see "Spectre" along with Chickie Mama. I hope they'll have a great time. Today, however, I have to hold the shop down almost solo because my Manager will have his head deep in invoices and new products that arrived yesterday. I may hate Chickie by the end of the day - LOL.

Now - Project Runway. Well, Season 14 ended last night with the Fashion Week final runway. Edmond made his clothes sexier, but also went overboard with two final dresses that really were over the top and rather atrocious. Candice combined her fabric and leather and really made some nice things. I have to agree that her style is very evocative of other designers and her clear voice just didn't shine through, but I really liked her design ethic. Kelly - her work is just for the fun of it. She put together a really styling show - fun, flirty, and very New York. I really thought she had it all and would pull off the win. But then there was ...

This season's final designers, from left clockwise were:
Ashley Tipton - Winner
Candice, Kelly and Edmond.
If you want to see all of the final collections, the
best place to check out is on EW. Here's a link. 

Ashley Tipton. The plus-size designer who wanted to make something other than shapeless clothing for other oversized women really came through with a collection of unique, beautifully styled clothing. She allowed her voice to come through, but tempered her offerings based on the previous week's critiques offered by the judges.

Ashley's theme was based on 1950's Mexico. I could
see that influence throughout the collection, but
particularly in this set. 

I have to be honest here and say that I really don't like her clothing. I don't think it's attractive, and it certainly is not my own design aesthetic. But she had a firm vision and made that vision come through her clothing in every piece that walked that runway. She was true to herself and the judges rewarded her. Project Runway's Season 14 winner is Ashley Tipton and plus size ruled the runway for New York Fashion Week. I liked that aspect of it - real women who are much closer to those you pass on the street every day being offered clothing that actually celebrated their bodies, not hid them.

Back to the gym. Have a great Friday.

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