Saturday, November 7, 2015


Progress is being made. I know I have many pans on the stove (irons in the fire sounds a bit dated), but this week quite a bit got done.

Sometimes things can seem overwhelming. Chipping away at tasks
one small step at a time will often be successful when looking at the
overall burden is too much. 

I had my second meeting with the home flippers and got the basic purchase agreement from them. After a day-long cool down period, DH looked it over and actually didn't have any problems with it. He'll take it to our attorney on Monday morning for an educated look-over and if that's OK, we're good to take the next step - sign that agreement and get things into the pathway to have the house sold by the end of November. Getting rid of the small house would be a tremendous burden off DH and I would be ecstatic. I love the house, but it's been time to sell it and move on for more than twenty years.

Our small house is quite similar to this - small, older, and in need of a lot
of work. We've been working on it on and off (more off than on) for more
then 20 years. I think it's time to move on. 

I have four stages for my Solstice cards and I'm progressing. I'll have to pick up the pace soon, but almost every day I'm getting some work done. I have a long way to go, though, so I'll have to pick the pace up. Stage 1A - Complete. Stage 1B and 1C - Pending. Stage 2A - In process. Stage 2B - Pending. Stage 3A - Pending. Stage 4A and 4B - Pending. That's a lot of "Pendings" and December is coming up quickly. I have to push and get these done on time. My only deadline is that they be postmarked by Solstice. They don't have to arrive on time, but it's nice if they do - LOL.

Delacroix's work influenced many well known painters.
This is his "Bride of Abydos" from 1857. 

DH and I are off to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) tomorrow to see an exhibit and a Van Gogh. The exhibit: "Delacroix's Influence: The Rise of Modern Art from Cezanne to van Gogh" actually runs through early January, but we'll be working on Sundays in December, so thought we should grab it while we could. I'm not 100% sure if the loaned Van Gogh (Irises) is still on exhibit, but I really want to see it if it is.

So a cultural weekend is in line for us. Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend too, and that you make progress on your own personal projects and goals.

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