Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Schedule? What Schedule?

The best laid plans, etc. When I awakened this morning, after gathering the trash and recycling at a time of the morning when most "normal" people are fast asleep, I settled down to catch up on my emails and write my daily blog. But no. Five minutes after I settled down to answer an email, my internet went dead. Calling my carrier, I found out that there were issues in my neighborhood and it would be down until about 6:00 am, a time when I'm usually in the shower after my morning swim on Wednesday. With an usually full schedule today, this small paragraph is all you're getting before I hop back into the car and head to my next appointment.

The best laid plans and scheduling hit the dust today
because my internet connection wasn't connected.
What a mess. *sigh*  Back to normal now, though. 

What a mess - happy Wednesday, everyone.

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