Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day (Remembrance Day)

Do we even remember when wars end any more? For that matter - do wars ever really end? Today is Veterans Day here in the USA and Remembrance Day across the pond where many other friends of mine live. I'm remembering and honoring veterans throughout the world today on their day and I hope each of you also keeping those who have served in your thoughts.

Honor all veterans today and thank them for their service. 

At 11:00 am on the 11th day of the 11th month, an end to World War I was declared to be over on what was then called "Armistice Day". It took a few more wars - WWII and Korea to be precise - before the title of the date was changed to "Veterans Day". Now Veterans Day encompasses a vast spread of veterans throughout the past century, but if you look at history and pre-history, there have been veterans of organized conflict going back into the dawn of historical record and beyond.

I doubt we'll ever see another headline like this. Were those
days simpler? Or were we just more willing to believe the
idea of world peace? 

What is it about mankind that makes us so aggressive? Is there a gene we could pull to eliminate this tendency? Why must almost every generation have their conflict and their war? My father's war was WWII - he lost everything; family, home and nation to that war. My own war was Vietnam. I didn't serve but knew friends who did. I was on the other side - fighting for peace and an end to that conflict. My cousin's war was Korea - she's older than I am. My other cousin's kids war was the Gulf War. And so on, and so on ... every generation having their own war somewhere in the world. That's not world peace, that's conflict on a daily basis, spilled blood and tears.

Never forget our veterans who placed their lives on the line. Also don't
forget those who didn't come home and who gave the ultimate sacrifice
in the fight for freedom. 

We're standing on the brink of another world war, this time in the Middle East, or maybe in Africa, or even in parts of the Western Hemisphere. The general Middle Eastern area seems to be a focal once more, however, and with Russia entering the Syrian and ISIS conflict, the stage is being set for another possible world war. The area that was a haven for refugees from the second World War is now becoming the battleground for a third one. If that doesn't frighten you, it should.

If this doesn't make you nervous, it should. The only really good
thing about getting older is that eventually I'll die and I won't
experience even more war. This map really sucks, doesn't it! 

But today, remember those who served your country and those few years of peace that we gained from those conflicts. Peace may be fugitive at best, but I'll always be striving for peace rather than war. Honor your veterans and hold them in your heart today. Have a good Wednesday.

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