Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rainy November Days Should be Relaxing - NOT!

It's wet and getting colder. The good news is we're not cold enough to have all of this rain turn to snow - YET. It will happen, but right now we're fortunate enough to just be dealing with rain. I'm doing the happy dance. I'm really not in a shoveling mood yet.

I am NOT a pluviophile. That's why I don't live in the Pacific
Northwest. It's lovely to visit the area, but it's too damp for me. 

Yesterday I set aside two hours to work on my Solstice cards. It was a total disaster. The central element of the cards was a stamp of a hearth with fire that I had purchased from a trusted supplier over the summer. But the stamp itself was very shallow, and over several impressions, never gave me a good image. I only have so many cards I can waste, so after several poor impressions I gave up and went to my computer to find a different image. One has now been ordered, but it won't be here until next week. More delays and the clock for Solstice isn't slowing down.

I try to anticipate problems, but this one can be a real wrench
in my schedule *sigh*. 

I'm going to have to shift over to a different part of the project, so I'll be sending out a call for addresses a bit sooner than I had expected. Keep an eye out for that, it will be coming today or tomorrow so that I can set up my file and get going on the envelopes for the cards.

I'll need to change direction and work on a different aspect of the
project. Some things will be delayed, but others will just be pushed
ahead. I'm still unhappy about this, though. I wasted two hours of
time in a very tight schedule. 

So as I dress for the gym and listen to thunder (yes - thunderstorms in November), I'm organizing in my head. I'll get things figured out and hopefully this set-back won't be too terrible. But a setback is the last thing I needed on a tight schedule. Here's hoping each of you has a wonderful Thursday!

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