Friday, November 13, 2015

Progress? - Sure ... Somewhat ...

My new stamp, the replacement for the poor image of Wednesday's frustration, is on its way and should be here on Wednesday. Of course that won't help with my Wednesday schedule, but I'll be able to work with it on Thursday and Friday morning at the shop. My foam sheets are also paid for and on their way. I don't dare try the largest image without cushioning, so I'm waiting for those to arrive before I even make the attempt at an impression. Therefore - lots of waiting around.

Small stamps are easy, but the larger stamps need to
be properly inked and the pressure needs to be uniform.
I'm using several larger stamps on this year's Solstice
cards and they're challenging. 

I know ... I could pound some copper! That may be my best alternative. Now if it wasn't so darned cold in the basement - cement floors are a must for this part. It makes me wish I had a hydraulic press, but then again, I really don't need ANY more equipment.

To cut metal discs larger than one inch, a hydraulic press is recommended. I don't
own one of these babies, and I really don't want to, so I'm stuck either cutting
each piece by hand or hoping I can hammer it with success. We'll see how
this goes ...

DH started cleaning out the small house yesterday - brought home a couple of boxes. I have no idea what he's bringing. I know we have tools there that need to come home, but I'm hoping he doesn't go all crazy with other crap to deal with.

We had a serious rain that I posted about yesterday. The rain was hard enough that it pulled the flashing of the store's roof away and we got a bunch of water leakage. The major problem is that it potentially destroyed some books that were very important to DH. He spent most of the late afternoon and evening with them, carefully attempting to dry out each page. Will his efforts work? I have my doubts, but he had to try.

Rain and flood damaged books can be very difficult to save. DH
worked over the books he pulled for hours last night, page by page.
I hope he managed to salvage them since they are irreplaceable. 

Thus, he was in a really crappy mood yesterday. It was just as well that I had computer work to do and could stay far away from him. Now to get my swim suit on and get going to the Y for swimming. I do love my guppy days. Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

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