Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Art Deco Style

There's something about Art Deco that just soothes my fur. The design elements, the proportions, the solidity balanced with reaching for the sky, and the elements of finely chosen materials, colors and metals, all combine to make me happy. It's almost disturbing. Where most people would get excited over a beautiful field of gently waving brightly blooming flowers in a gentle breeze, I get excited over the design of the Chrysler Building in New York. But, that's just the way I am. I adore architecture and part of architecture is form and design. Thus, when I went to MIA on Sunday, the only floor photos I took this time were of some Art Deco furnishings to share with all of you.

I'll start with this. An inadvertent selfie in the mirror of
this fabulous lighted table with shelves. I adore the
tops of the lights and how they balance the shelving below. 

Moving along, there was this wonderful "music cabinet" made
of rosewood and ebony with walnut accents and steel drawer pulls.
I'm not sure what the interior looks like, and I suspect it would have
been highly improper of me to have attempted to open the bottom
section, but I was sorely tempted. 

It's a bit large to be a bathroom scale in my house, but
I'm totally in love with it anyway. The textured metal of
the uprise, the carefully placed dial, and the perfect
choice of lettering form and words for the bottom. Who knew
a scale could have such beauty? 

It's obvious that this is a stand with multiple shelves,
but I was trying to discern it's function. I finally came up
with a telephone and mail stand. The phone book would
go on the bottom shelf, the phone at the top, and
the mail on the shelf cradled by the upper bent wood framework. 

Finally, a link and shoutout to CuriousWombat for the photos below. Last week on LJ and FB she posted a photo of an unusual Parisian doorway that I adored. At MIA on Sunday, I noticed that they had the exact door in miniature - a model of the door. I had to take a photo of it and its accompanying description to share with her and with all of you.

Here is the model of the doorway itself. It has wonderful leaded
glass that almost appears owl-like, and here it is surrounded by
elaborately rendered plaster. The selfie was
unavoidable since it is relatively small. 

Here is the description for the door. I thought is was quite amusing to
come across this after I had just been overwhelmed by her photo
 of the actual doorway in Paris. This is for you, my friend. 

So there you have it - how I spent my Sunday.

Yesterday DH dropped the purchase agreements over to our attorney and the suggestions and corrections he had were quite minor. I've got an email out to my flippers to see if the corrections/additions are OK with them, but I think we're still on track to get the small house sold by the end of the month, and at the latest, absolutely by the end of the year. So, as I head off to the gym today, I'm actually rather optimistic that soon one less thing will be on my plate. Happy Tuesday to all!

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