Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Peanuts and an Update

We signed the Purchase Agreement for the small house first thing yesterday morning, so we're still on track for an end of the month closing. The next thing on the schedule is the city inspection followed by the title transfer and then we're finally done. Tomorrow I have to collect the last few things from there - items that I'm taking to the local antique shop corner to see what they will offer me. It's not much - some pictures where the frames are rather nice and a small washstand from the late 1920's. Nothing of any real value, but if they want it, they can have it and a few more dollars would be helpful.

Tonight we're going to go and see the "Peanuts" movie. I adore
Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang, so it will be a fun time. 

Tonight I'm taking Chickie out to see "Peanuts" at the cinema. Her birthday was earlier this month but our schedules just didn't mesh, so tonight we're celebrating her birthday. It means I'll be tired tomorrow, but that's OK. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for a good friend.

There is something so nice about getting a new mattress and box
spring. A new bed is a fresh beginning and finally a bit of support
for a sleeping body. Chickie has needed a new bed for years, so
this was a great gift. 

Her Dad bought her a new mattress and box spring for her birthday and they were delivered yesterday morning. I had an unopened pack of top and bottom sheet that were the right size for her new goods, so I offered them to her and she was happy to accept. It will be a radical concept - her having a bed once more. She might actually get some sleep! NO!!!!!

Since Chickie has two kittens, this seemed like a good pic. Here's
hoping she got a good night's sleep (for a change). 

Here's hoping you have an excellent Tuesday. I'm looking forward to a very busy day, but busy days can be very good indeed.

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