Monday, November 16, 2015

A Video, Small House Update, and Music - What a Monday!

A writing friend of mine posted this the other day and I finally had a chance to take a look early this morning. I'm going to post links two ways because sometimes the places I post can be picky, and it's well worth the less than five minutes of your time to watch, listen, and think about. A bit heavy for a Monday? Maybe. Or maybe it will start your week out on a good note.

If the embed doesn't work and you would rather try a link, here's a link to click on. If you would rather search, I searched on "Label" and chose "I am NOT Black, You are NOT White". Take a listen.

We're into the final stretch on the small house. My goal is the end of
November. We'll see if we manage to meet that goal. 

In other news, DH and I worked hard at the small house yesterday and finally have cleared it out to our satisfaction. I have a few oddball things to take to the antique stores on Wednesday and see if they will offer me anything on them, and we're signing the purchase agreement this morning at the shop. Things are progressing and I'm pretty happy about where we're at. I would love to have this sale settled before the snow flies so that we don't have to do any shoveling.

Although my neighbor and I have come to an understanding
over the past few years, it wouldn't have happened without
our putting up a fence clearly marking the edge of the

I told my next door neighbor that we were selling the house to a flipper who would renovate the place and put it back on the market. She was a bit surprised, and thinks it will be odd having people over there now. I'm just delighted to cause her a bit of discomfort after the years of property boundary issues I've had with her. Hallelujah! I won't be bothered with her crap over my fence, her rusted out barely running cars parked in front, and her trash can on my property behind the house.

Most earbuds are sweat resistant, but not truly
waterproof. These are totally waterproof and one of
two types made for swimming. I had one of these
and the pin wore out. I'm hoping this pair will
last longer, but I needed it so I'm very happy to
have my music once again. 

Finally, my new underwater ear buds arrived ahead of schedule so I'm back in business in the pool today. I'm SO happy - I'll be swimming to my tunes once again and that's the best thing EVER! Have a great Monday and I'll be back tomorrow.

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