Friday, November 20, 2015

Mmmmmm ... Turkey

Have you bought your turkey yet? DH is heading to the store today with a long list of things to purchase for our Thanksgiving Day dinner so I expect to find a large wrapped bird in my refrigerator when I get home from work today, along with all of the fixings. We'll have enough food to feed an army (we usually do), but we get great left-overs from the dinner and I really look forward to those.

I love cooking a turkey. It's so easy, it cooks itself. I just have to
remember to baste it often for the last period of time. Easy and so good! 

I was invited to my oldest niece's house for Thanksgiving, but as usual, we decided to pass. We really enjoy a day with nothing to do but baste a turkey and cook accompanying side dishes. It's really nice to have a quiet day before we jump into the holiday frenzy.

Of course, it's not just the turkey that makes the meal, it's also the many
side dishes. From stuffing and mashed potatoes, to cranberries and
various vegetables, Thanksgiving is a true feast. I'll be working off the
extra weight for a week, but it will be SO worth it. 

Of course, I'm behind at work, but that's not unusual. I'll get things ready for the holidays on time, but it's going to be a tight schedule. I'm so happy I get to swim some of this tension off this morning. I know this is a short post, but some days are like that. At least it's Friday - have a happy one!

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