Thursday, November 19, 2015

Catching Up - Not Going to Happen!

Still running hard just to catch up, but that's normal for me at this time of the year. Next week is Thanksgiving here in the US and right after that begins Black Friday and Small Business Saturday - two days where we run annual sales. We only run two annual sales, one after Thanksgiving and a second after Christmas, so these days are rare and our customers really enjoy them. But there's a lot we have to do before we're ready to go. Today will be my start - I'll try and carve out some time to compose the email newsletter that I'll send out to our customers early next week and locate my staple gun that I use to decorate the store with garland.

It's that time of the year - crazy time. I'm working on personal projects,
accepted one small writing challenge that may or may not happen, and
of course am trying to sell the small house, arrange holiday gifts, and
decorate the store. I need another me! 

DH was having some computer problems on Tuesday and asked me to take a look for him. Although I wasn't finding that there was any difficulty opening the program he had problems with. I did clean up his hard drives. It didn't seen necessary - there was ample space on them, but it never hurts to get rid of temporary files and clean up a bit. I'll be talking with the Tech Services contact at his broker this morning to find out why the information they attached to their message didn't open properly, and I'll also take a look at their secondary sending - another thing that didn't work properly for him. That's scheduled for 9:00 am.

Home inspections are pretty straightforward, and they're buying
the house to remodel and flip it so they already did their own
preliminary inspection. It shouldn't be a problem. 

The house inspection for the small house is scheduled for Friday so Ross will drop by and pick up the house keys earlier that day. It's the second stage of the three things that have to happen before we get our check and sell the house legally. The house is structurally sound and I don't think we're in any legal problems with pipes or other possible things, so that will probably go smoothly. I checked out several antique dealers yesterday with items from the small house that we thought might sell, but only came back with $12 which DH told me to keep to pay back my time and gas. I'll put the other items back into the house and the flippers can trash them or sell them as they see fit.

Here's a map of the AVERAGE winter temps for states in the US. See
the arrow at the top? It's pointing to my state - Minnesota. Yes, we can
get some mighty cold temps here, but I'm in the southern third of the
state and we're not as cold as the northern part. Still, winter is a
definite time for bundling up. 

Winter temperatures are finally starting to poke their heads out. It was a balmy 55 F yesterday when I went to the gym, but today it's 35 F. Quite the difference. I'll add another jacket to my fleece hoodie and cut quite the fashion statement. Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful Thursday.

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