Monday, October 5, 2015

Summer Is Officially Over

Of course I know that summer was officially over when the Equinox occurred a short while ago, but for me, summer ends when the Renaissance Festival closes for the season. Since that happened yesterday, today is my first day of autumn. It's cold, so it seems reasonable that it would be "that" time of year.

The Court was dressed in their warmer clothing as well. The King and
Queen sported fur and long sleeves were fully tied. Renaissance Garb tends
to be hot with multiple layers, so the cooler days are actually more
comfortable for the cast members. 

We dressed warmly for Fest yesterday, or at least I did. DH really doesn't own anything warm, so he dressed in black and tried to be in sunlight as much as possible. By the afternoon, the temps were pretty warm (in the low 60's F) but the day started out in the 40's so it was a chilly morning. He even let me buy him a large coffee - very rare! But we persevered and were happy that we did.

This is the quarry that is taking over our small village. You can see a small
indication of buildings at the very top. It's actually quite deep. Next year
will be our final year in this location because the quarry owns the land and they
want to quarry the stones underneath our village. The search for a new
home continues. 

This year's Fest was an exceptional run of near-perfect days for us. The Fest started out with a cold snap, so we were shivering that first day, but the next five were perfection and the last day, although cold once more, also featured blue skies peppered with white clouds. We didn't get rained on, no snow, and no heavy winds; basically we had seven Sundays in a row of near-perfect Fest weather. I'm sending a large "thank you" into the aether for that gift.

Although I'm moving in a more steampunk direction for my
next new outfit, both DH and I fell in love with this great
corset featuring airbrushed stingray in the center panel.
It was beautifully done and priced right (for what the materials
and workmanship was), but fortunately wasn't in my size. 

Now my life returns to "normal" and my schedules shift. I'll actually have a Sunday when I can sleep in coming up and that will be a luxury of true decadence. Happy me. Of course, adding to Happy Me is the fact that my football team won over DH's football team in the late afternoon. Yeah!!! Now ... off to the pool for a mile of water exercise. Have a great Monday!

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