Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Seasonal Creep - A Photo Blog of Autumn

The weather is changing. A month ago we were sweltering in the heat at the Minnesota State Fair, fighting the crowds and downing the cold drinks and ice cream. The music was coming from all sides, and other sounds featured bits and snippets of conversations and the high pitched, excited voices of children overstimulated by too much sugar and too many things to look at. Their shrill voices carried over all. It was a typical day at the Fair and it was wonderful.

I'll start my autumn photos with this lovely waterfall. Of course, I'm a
total waterfall addict, so I had to go with this picture to start out my
autumnal color share for the day. 

Now it is cool and I'm raiding my closet for fall/winter-weight clothing. I'm resisting turning on the heat at the shop, but it was only 62 F inside when I unlocked the door yesterday so I may have to break down soon. The leaves are turning on the trees, a fuzzy hoodie (instead of my light-weight cotton one) is my standard morning regalia, and I'm grateful for my machine days at the gym because I dress in exercise pants and a long-sleeved moisture-wicking shirt that's quite cozy. I wish I could find a nice cave for hibernation, but alas. Work and projects call. No hibernation for this little bear.

I love the colors here, as well as the perfect mirror reflection in the lake. This
is a lovely photo from Massachusetts. 

I'm already thinking about what possible Halloween costume I might want to wear this year. With Halloween falling on a Saturday, it would be fun to dress up for work, but anything I wear there also has to be functional since I'm pulling and selling product all day to customers. Pulling down 15 pound bins with filmy chiffon clothing is a no-go.

I'm returning to my childhood with this photo. Here are Maroon Bells,
located south of Aspen, Colorado. In the autumn, the mountains
turn as golden as the metals that were found within them. I always
loved going to the Bells and my cousin was visiting there only two weeks ago. 

Ever had one of those nights when you awakened early and just couldn't get back to sleep? That was my night. I went to bed at my normal 9:00 pm with my alarm set for the usual 3:15 am, but awakened at 2:45 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally gave up at 3:00 am and called it a night.I'll be missing those 15 minutes later this week.

I love this autumnal archway. What happens if you walk through the
standing arch? Are you transported to a different dimension or location? 

I haven't done a photo blog for a while, and these pictures just called me to share with all of you. I actually didn't start today's blog out with the thought of making a photo blog, but don't you just love it when things just come together? LOL.

This red tree framed by sunlight has always been one of my most favorite
photos. I think I recall it from a calendar many years ago, but I could
be mistaken. Wherever it came from, it's stunning and beautiful. 

So, I've peppered this post with lovely pictures of autumn scenes to give each of you some beauty for your day. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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