Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Crazy Busy Day

Swimming - days are always wonderful when they start out in the pool. But then my rat race begins.

Shop - I printed out bunches of things last night that the staff will need for today. I have to drop by there before I go to the ...

Clinic - lab tests today - squish and push. Mammogram followed by a bone density test. Hoping they find nothing in the first test and that my osteoperosis hasn't gotten worse in the second. Crossing fingers.

Days like this seem to be elaborate wheels where I
keep running and running, but don't really get anywhere. 

Early lunch - the only chance I'll have to eat until dinner, and I've got an e-coupon for a burger at Perkins. It will make three days in a row that I'm there, but not three days in a row for breakfast - a bit closer to lunch for this one.

Shopping - not as glamorous as it may sound. Shopping today consists of groceries and, since money is a bit tight right now, I'm not deviating from my list. Having had food before I go will be helpful.

Wallpaper - I don't like the latest sample so I'm going to arrange for a different sample. I'm not even sure it is still available, still being made, or even which manufacturer it is, but I want to see it in a larger format.

Repairs - I have two repairs in the works. I have to finish the easier one, but the harder one is scheduled for pick-up next weekend. Both have to get done.

Aearwen - a glimpse of sanity in my life, although I might still be doing repairs when I speak with her late this afternoon.

It's always a joy to speak to Aearwen. We usually talk every week
about amy and every thing. It's totally no-pressure and my
one action of sanity in crazy weeks and busy Wednesdays. Huzzah! 

Laundry - well, that's on-going throughout the day as soon as I get home. The usual house stuff - laundry, making the beds with clean sheets, etc. I'm hoping to find the time to vacuum on Sunday - it's been longer than it should because of our Renaissance schedule, but that's over now and my "life" is once more my own.

Dinner - prepare and throw the chicken into the oven (well, not literally throw, that would be too messy). Thank goodness the chicken almost cooks itself. DH looks forward to his Wednesday chicken all week, so the menu is set without much thought and minimal preparation.

Collapse - it's only fair, right? Criminal Minds on the TV tonight, so that's a winner. Then time to start my merry-go-round once again. Happy Wednesday to all!

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