Thursday, October 8, 2015

Striding Forward - A Boring Blog

Yesterday was crazy-busy, but I ended the day with a sense of accomplishment, so I'm pleased. I didn't get both repairs finished, but did the harder one and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It took most of the afternoon to complete, so I'm glad I had the time to devote to it. The second repair in my stack is less intense and I should be able to get it completed in a couple of early mornings at the shop. I'll set things out today when I get there and see how quickly I can make things work.

I've never disliked getting a mammogram, it is mildly uncomfortable,
but not painful in any way. It's more getting things scheduled. But
the lab was very efficient and had me in and out in no time. 

There was nothing abnormal spotted in my mammogram which pleases me. I won't hear about the bone density for a few more days, but I have shrunk a total of 1-1/2 inches since my teenage years and that is worrisome. Fifteen years ago I was on bone replacement medication, but I stopped after five years when I got frightened about large bone fracture and jawbone issues that were being reported. I probably should add calcium and Vitamin D to my regime, though, That wouldn't hurt and could be quite beneficial. Now to get my colon exam scheduled. The gastroenterology clinic phoned and left a message, so I'll phone them back today and figure out a day.

This is NOT my scan, but could be. When I first got tested, I was in my
late 40's and was told that I had osteoperosis and had the bones of a
70-year-old. Well, I'm now in my 60's, so let's see what they say this time. 

So - what a boring blog for the day. Sure, we all have a variety of health issues, but really? I need to get this stuff taken care of to allow myself to return to a creative viewpoint instead of medical this and that. Sorry to subject all of you to such a blah blog for today, hopefully tomorrow will be better and more inspiring. Happy Thursday!

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