Friday, October 9, 2015

Real People

The marvels of electronic charting and testing allowed me to get my bone density test results yesterday - only one day after the actual test. Result? It's not as dire as I had feared. I have osteopenia, not full osteoperosis, and my doctor recommends Vitamin D and increased calcium. I can so do that! I also set up my colonoscopy exam for the 21st. That's the final test for my physical. So far I'm doing really well, so here's hoping that trend continues.

Spoilers for Project Runway below ... you've been warned.

Last night's "Project Runway" had the designers customizing clothing for real people - in this case, members of the "Project Runway" crew. These were young women in their 20's and 30's with a variety of body types and heights - not models. The resulting designs were catastrophic! So it leads me to wonder - "Don't designers want to design for people who are not models? Don't they want to sell their designs to the general public?" If yesterday's fiasco of designing is any indication ... no, they only want to design for size 2 or smaller, tall, young women. What a joke!

Kelly was the winner of the challenge with this leather
overall, tank top and vest. It was cute, it was exactly
what her assigned customer had requested, and it was
stylishly simple. 

I suppose with an attitude like that, there would be a lot of starving designers who make two or more collections each year, show them at Fashion Week, New York, or other venues, and then retire to their lofts or studios to design the next collection. I see past that, however, and think that each designer should be able to adapt their designs to the needs and desires of their end customer, no matter what body-type that customer is.

Ashley totally bombed with this choice. The print
was horrific, having flounces at the hips for a
plus-size design was a total "No". This customer is
supposed to be who Ashley wants to design for.

Last night, Ashley choked when designing for an overweight woman. I was amazed. She probably could have dressed the woman in one of her own pieces of clothing and it would have been better than that horrific print and overly floofy design.

The third outfit Swapnil designed for  his customer gave her
overly-tight sleeves, floof at the hip, and a cape at
the back of the blouse that covered pins and knots
holding the outfit together. Really? Total ick! Fashion Fail! 

Swapnil wasted the first day entirely, creating nothing that his assigned crew member could even try on in the first fitting. He had something made for the second fitting, but it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted sleeves and fitted style, he wanted no sleeves and practically no back. So he whipped up a third style in three hours for her which she also hated. Bye-bye Swapnil. Do I mind? Not really. His work has been going downhill. It seemed that he had lost his desire to compete. So now he can contemplate his "design skills" from a different venue and leave the designing for those who can. He started out with such promise, but the last few weeks haven't been good.

So now we're down to five. Of the group, I think Edmond and Kelly have the most talent, and when Ashley has confidence in herself, she is also excellent. But Candice and Merline? Hmmm. It could be any of the final five winning this competition, because I haven't seen superior designs from any of them. Have a great Friday, all, I'm off to the pool.

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