Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Lack of Planning Can Be Delicious

DH and I were thinking about going to the Minneapolis Institute of Art tomorrow. We were thinking about going out to get a pumpkin, or shop for fall goodies. We were thinking about going to investigate whether we needed to mow the lawn one last time before the fall leaf drop. We were thinking about many things we could do on Sunday and finally decided, "No".

It's wonderful to have one Sunday without a plan. We might be
bored, but it will be a nice change of pace. The weather will
be wonderful, though, so maybe we'll go outside for a while. 

It's our first Sunday since August 23rd without a place to be or an activity to do. It's the first Sunday since August 16th when I can sleep in on Sunday morning. Next weekend we have the Minneapolis Lapidary Show - our annual little show that we love attending, and we'll celebrate our anniversary late. But this weekend is completely open - nothing planned except eggs and sausage for breakfast.

Steve Jobs in not my guru, but I do like this quotation. I'm not in
the Apple court - my phone is an Android. and my computers
are Microsoft, not Apple. I do love my iPods, though. 

We'll possibly be bored, but I can eliminate boredom by vacuuming the carpet and doing some clean-up and dusting. In fact, that would be a relief to do since I haven't had a chance to clean for a while. So silly to look forward to cleaning house.

I love the idea of just doing nothing planned for a day. It's such
a rarity in my life. 

But a Sunday morning to sleep in, without an alarm waking us? GOLDEN! Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back on Monday morning.

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