Monday, October 12, 2015

It Was A Relaxed Sunday

We had a "no plans" day yesterday, which meant DH was working on figuring out the next item he needs to build to help us get organized, while I cleaned and vacuumed. What a wonderful thing! The house needed a good vacuuming, and I was really happy to get going on it. We took a quick trip to one of the lumber supply stores, but only as a scouting mission. DH then went down and redesigned what he wanted to make. Hopefully it will be even better now. I, in the meantime, went ahead and 'Swiffered' and mopped the kitchen floor. Heaven for a clean house!

Vacuuming finished, now to clean the kitchen floor. 

Around 3:30 pm DH came and asked if I would rather celebrate our anniversary with dinner out instead of waiting until next Sunday as we had originally planned. Next week has turned into a problem because I have a colonoscopy exam scheduled for Wednesday and my food restrictions begin on Sunday. We had originally planned on a nice day at our favorite small rock show, followed by a meal out to celebrate, but if I was going to have food restrictions, it made ... well, it kind of ruined that idea. So he thought having dinner a week earlier might be better. He was right.

The Garlic Shrimp Scampi is always one of our favorites. Because we only
had shrimp, no lobster or crab, the meal was very affordable too. 

So I changed clothing and we went to Red Lobster for their "Endless Shrimp" promotion. It was quite yummy, and we both ate too much. The weight I gained will be off by mid-week, and it was very worth it. It was a wonderful and relaxed meal and we both enjoyed the many flavors of shrimps that we ate. We both think that their garlic shrimp scampi is still their best variety, but others that we tried were quite tasty too.

So today it's back to the pool and a quick trip to the Chiropractor for my every two weeks adjustment. We'll enter the final week of the Beads Shops Hop today, and it's been a great experience. I think the number of "Hoppers" will ramp up this week, and that Saturday, the final day of the Hop, will be quite busy. Have a wonderful Monday!

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