Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Location, Location, Location ...

I wonder --- so, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next Wednesday at a location about 25 miles east of my home, in a more easterly suburb. It actually isn't a bad location and is pretty easy for us to get to, but I had asked the guy scheduling me several times about the location I had been at previously which was south of where we live, but close to my store. Every time I tried to raise the subject, he either brushed me off, changed the subject, or moved on with his questions, so I got the feeling the old location didn't exist any more. Well, I thought, "It has been eight years, so maybe they no longer have a branch there."

It's a great company and they do good work, but their other
location would be so much more convenient for us. 

However, I got my forms and instructions in the mail on Friday and the very last branch listed in the handout was the old location. Which would be MUCH more convenient for us. But I now have this procedure scheduled for the eastern location. ARGH! I'm going to phone them at 8:00 am today when their appointments desk opens and find out if there are openings at the original southern location instead. It would make things easier for all of us if I could be switched over to that branch. If not, I still have an appointment for next week.

Have you had a colonoscopy within the past few years? Most insurance
plans cover the costs as part of a standard physical, so if you're paid
up for your deductible, you may not have to pay much for the procedure.
It's a life saver! 

I just don't understand why I couldn't have gotten an appointment at the old location in the first place. Guess I'll find out when I phone this morning. At least I can work out some of my frustration on the elliptical this morning. Machines are calling me - have a great and productive Tuesday :-)

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