Friday, October 2, 2015

Monthly Wrap-up and Project Runway

September was a frustrating month of losing and gaining the same three pounds over and over again. In fact, if I was totally honest, I could extend that frustration to a full six weeks. I'd better be falling off that plateau soon because I'm really tired of seeing those numbers on my scale!

The month of September consisted of running in circles and
losing the same three pounds throughout the month.
Can you say, "Frustrating?" 

But, on the bright side, I didn't lose, but I also didn't gain. Today we're in a new month and new opportunities rise up before me.

When they are laying new roadway, nothing can get through. The busiest road
in my city slows down to a crawl. Traffic yesterday was at a stand-still. 

Road construction continues on my street and yesterday they began ripping up the roadbed and repaving the last 2-3 inches again. That led to horrid traffic, loud noises and new dinosaurs (the Brachiosaur was back since he is the one who strips off the old bituminous road surface). He was joined by loud, rough rollers and huge machines that spit out the new pavement.

Of course the Bead Shops Hop also began yesterday and because of the machines and the horrific traffic issues, our customer levels were extremely low and we had the worst start to this event that we've had in three years. I'll be finalizing an e-newsletter to send this morning and hopefully that will result in increased numbers for the rest of the Hop. We have the best door prizes we've ever had and it would be disappointing to not have a lot of customers trying to win them.

Ashley's little ensemble was adorable. She took a matronly, boring dress,
cut it up, and made this sweet crop top and skirt. The jacket was
a hit too. Great job! 

Project Runway last night eliminated a designer who should have been eliminated weeks ago. We're down to six designers now, and there are some strong voices there. Personally, I loved the winning look (although I'd never be able to wear a dress that form-fitting), but I really loved Kelly's pants and faux-fur fun vest, and I adored Ashley's cute little crop top, swing skirt and that great pleather jacket. WTG Ashley! Next week should be interesting. The designers left in the competition are all strong designers with solid voices and skills.

This outfit was an epic FAIL. One seam up the back of the skirt, and the
top was just tied on with rough edges. Again, no bra for the model. This
was supposed to be an outfit that could be sold commercially and this was
a total bust. 

Today I'm heading back to the pool and I have my tunes again. Underwater Audio just rocked it - I only had three swims without my underwater iPod and that's exceptional service and fast turnaround. Great people! So, I'll be rockin' to my music as I swim my laps and that will make me VERY happy. I hope you have a wonderful Friday while I shiver with our cold snap here in a chilly, Minnesota autumn.

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