Thursday, October 1, 2015

Catching Up? Maybe ...

I'm hoping to catch up a little bit today - comments and replies for LJ and DW and general tasks as well.

I was trying a new doctor this time, and I really liked her. I hope she
sticks around for a while. It would be nice to have a primary physician

Yesterday's doctor appointment actually was good. I'm not sporting a huge bruise from the labwork, my tetanus shot was given by a nurse who actually was great with a needle and barely hurt at all, and I really like my new doctor. My BP was 102/72, and lab results were already on my e-chart last night - all levels are good. Next week I'll have a mammogram and bone density test and that should round me out. Then my doctor and I can figure out the best course for a healthy future. (A colon exam is also in the future, but that's handled by a sister clinic.)

Today is Day 1 of the 17 days of Bead Shops Hop Minnesota. I didn't get as much done for it yesterday as I had planned, and most importantly, didn't get my email newsletter done to send out to my customers reminding them of the Hop (as well as one more bridge closure and a new product line we're launching along with the Hop). That will be my work today, after I've changed light bulbs this morning to illuminate our cozy little messy and colorful shop.

I'm delighted to have my underwater iPod again. I wear it just
like she does and it's comfortable and the tunes spur me on
to better effort. Rock on, Underwater Audio! 

I received my replacement underwater iPod yesterday - personalized and still in the blue color I love having for my water gear. That was exceptional customer service - I had only shipped the original malfunctioning unit to them on Monday. I charged it up last night and loaded my playlist onto it, tested the sound this morning, and I'm good to go for my water workouts tomorrow. Although I'm tempted to wear it while on the elliptical and bicycle this morning, I'll wait. But if you're looking for an iPod that can handle the water and is sold by an excellent firm, I recommend Underwater Audio. Great people, great service.

So I'm cutting this short. Like I said - trying to catch up! Happy Thursday to all!

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