Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Late at 4:00 AM

How can I be late at 4:00 am? Actually, I was already late at 3:15 am but whose counting? All I know is I have to be at my new doctor's at 8:00 am for a physical and they'll be sticking needles in me for blood draws and a tetanus shot so I'm majorly stressed. Needles and I don't get along well - in fact, unless it's attached to my sewing machine or a strand of beads, I don't want needles anywhere near me. Voluntarily walking through the door to be checked over is unusual for me, but probably necessary since I'm not getting younger.

My blood pressure is usually pretty good, although I'll be stressed
so it may be a bit higher than usual. 

Tomorrow is the first day of the Bead Shops Hop and I'm also majorly stressed about that. I've got a lot of it complete, but there's a lot still to do and I won't be in the shop today (see above paragraph). I have a huge number of printouts that I did last night for Chickie to work with, and I'm very grateful that the Hop doesn't start until Thursday. I can still pick up new light bulbs for my 8-foot fluorescent fixtures and get some dead bulbs changed in the early morning tomorrow. Washing the floor might not happen, though.

I know I need a tetanus booster and I hate those intramuscular shots.
But, I work with metals and pointy things. It's necessary. 

I finally got the one wallpaper sample I had been awaiting in yesterday's mail. I haven't even had time to open the envelope and look at it once more *sigh*. I hope I catch up a bit today because I really need some quality time as well as all of this "other" stuff.

I'll have to get lab work too. These tests usually leave me bruised
for more than a week. My body really doesn't like invasion by sharp
metal pieces. 

On a positive note, my new underwater iPod is on its way to me. Maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll even have it for Friday's swim. I hope so - silent swims are still wonderful because I'm in the water, but they're much more boring without my tunes.

Happy Wednesday to all of you. Be good and don't do anything I wouldn't do (which leaves you open for much mischief).

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