Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Increasing Acceleration

I enjoy speed - a lot - I'm sure that's one of the reasons why I began driving as soon as I could.

Speed - yes, I love it! 

I live my life at high speed too. I tend to allow my love for speed to splash over into my project schedules. As an example, today I'll be taking Part One of my holiday cards and pushing for speed. I brought my materials for this section home with me last night and I'll be arranging the components along every horizontal surface I can throughout the house (with protective paper below) and then making my way through them with my paints to get the first piece painted.

My components won't be nearly this interesting, but they'll
take up much less space. The space for me comes in the
quantity, not the material. 

My goal? Having the first part painted, dry and possibly glued onto its backing card by the end of the day. If I can get a rhythm going, I've good a good chance of success. If not, this could be the beginning of disaster. Guess I'll be wearing an iPod and listening to tunes while I paint today. Isn't life grand? LOL

I love mac and cheese. That might be one good meal (or two) to
have while I'm on the soft diet portion of my prep days. 

Originally I was scheduled to have my colorectomy this morning, but I changed the location of the exam to one more convenient for DH and me, and it's now scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon instead. Of course that means a soft diet beginning on Sunday and a liquid diet on Tuesday. Can you say "Boring," sigh? I'll be reviewing the instructional sheets carefully, but I'll buy all of my various materials and over-the-counter medications today while I'm out and about. Maybe tonight I'll try to look up some appropriate recipes for pasta that would conform to a boring and bland diet. I like pasta and it's on the list of approved foods. I suspect not even a bland diet will get me to slow down for long (although I might lose a pound or two over the exam prep time.)

It isn't enough to just set goals. Using the SMART criteria, you'll
not only set achievable goals, but you'll actually also set yourself
up for success. I set my goals up with specific steps that need to be
achieved before the next step can be started. Crazy? Maybe. But
it's the only way I can achieve my art in the little bits and pieces of
time I have to devote to it. 

Speed is nothing without an end goal in sight so that I can accelerate through the steps to achieve that goal. I'll be speeding through my day today. I hope by the end of the day I'll have accomplished a great deal of progress in my current goals, allowing me to continue speeding towards the end point. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday. I'm off to the pool!

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