Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reading and Reviews

I always have my nose in a book. Over the past few years, it's usually an e-book, before, it was more often a paperback. From the time I learned to read, books accompanied me everywhere and getting my attention away from the story/novel was sometimes extremely difficult. I still read every chance I get - at breakfast, at work, and at dinner.

My nose is always in a book, and since I carry my e-library along with me
in my phone, a book is always at hand. 

That said, I don't often review. I write and I know how much reviews can mean to an author, but I don't review frequently. Why not? I know the authors put their blood and sweat into their book. I cared enough to actually purchase and read the book. It's not as if I don't have something to say about the book (getting me to shut up is usually harder than getting me to start talking). So why don't I review more frequently?

When I leave a book review, it means I really enjoyed the book - that
it was a higher caliber than most books I read. Occasionally I'll review
to the negative, but that's extremely rare. 

I've come to the conclusion that I leave a review if a book won't let go of my mind. If I'm still thinking about the book and the characters a day later, if they insert themselves into that time when sleep is almost there and the mind is freely walking down pathways of its own desires, then I'll take the time to review.

I'm pretty good about commenting on short stories, but actual novels, I'm
less good about leaving reviews. I should see if I can improve that and review
more often. 

However, if I close the virtual cover on the book, download the next and begin reading it, and a day later, can barely recall the plot line, characters, or defining characteristics about the prior book, then it was a nice read, but I won't bother to review. It's the books that get under my skin that I'll spend the time on. What about you? Do you write reviews for books you purchase? What makes you want to leave a review, either positive or negative? Happy Tuesday to all ...

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