Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yes? No? Maybe?

We have another property, a house that I often refer to as the "small house". It's not too far away and was the first house we lived in when we moved up here and the first house we owned. It had been DH's grandparent's home and his father and uncle had been raised there. It's a cute American Craftsman house which we've been fixing up for what seems like forever. I'm trying to eliminate clutter from our lives and move on, so I contacted HomeVestors to take a look at the property and see whether or not they were interested in purchasing it.

It was a lot to hit DH with last night, and it took quite a while for
him to get over his initial sport of anger and actually consider the
proposition. But if they can come up a bit more, we'll have a deal. 

HomeVestors is basically a construction company specializing in 'flipping' houses. They buy, renovate, and resell houses. Their goal is to make a profit, but they also have an excellent reputation and want to have everyone happy on all sides of the deal. After an extensive tour and a week of waiting, they got back to me with an offer yesterday afternoon.

The American Craftsman style of home is an attractive style. Our little
home isn't this pretty, but there are a lot of similarities between
this and the one we own. 

The offer is a bit lower than I had hoped and DH wants more. So I'll be calling HomeVestors this morning and starting a negotiating process that I hope will end up with everyone satisfied, my small house sold, and one less thing on my plate. Just because I don't have anything else to do with my time - LOL.

I have some spray adhesive at the shop. I'll try that and see if it
holds OK and if it is easier and faster for my current application

On a side note, yesterday's holiday card work went really well and I'm continuing with stage one and ready to start work on stage two later this week. I'm trying out a variety of adhesives now - there has to be something that will be faster than hand applying the adhesive, but spray adhesives can be so messy. Maybe I need a spray box ... I have lots of empty boxes at work. Have a great Thursday and cross fingers along with me that I can get HomeVestors to increase their bid to us.

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