Friday, September 25, 2015

Thoughts on the Pope

So, the Pope is visiting the United States right now and the airwaves and print news media are full of his trip and his every action. I'm delighted with this particular Pope, even though I have issues with his elevation of Junipero Serra to Sainthood. In our modern society we usually don't elevate and celebrate the deeds of someone who imprisoned, enslaved, and killed hundreds of Native American workers under his watch. Nope - that was poorly done, Pope Francis.

Saint Junipero Serra comes under the heading of one of my NOT favorite
people. He was a brutal and ruthless man in an age of brutal men. 

But in general, I really like this Pope. He is soft spoken, cares deeply for the people under his watch, especially the poor, the homeless and small children, and he is a voice of moderation in a strident world. Having Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama in the same room might cause the room to explode with goodness and happiness. Maybe we shouldn't ever do that!

Pope Francis addressed a joint meeting of Congress yesterday. Today
he addresses the United Nations in New York City. I wonder
which body of people he'll consider was harder to address when he
thinks about this trip in days to come? 

Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress yesterday, the first time a pontiff ever has done this - EVER has done this, even though we've had at least one Papal visit in the past. This Pope isn't afraid to point out the areas where we, as human beings, can do better such as education, saving the environment, and helping others less fortunate than ourselves. He reminds us that we are a human race, and that political boundaries are just that - political, not physical. He reminds us that many of us were also immigrants, coming from one place to find refuge in another and that we should open our hearts to those immigrants who follow in our footsteps. And he reminds us that we are all human, sharing similar problems and similar goals.

At least one Catholic congressman had said he was going to boycott the speech yesterday because the Pope was going to talk about climate control and he felt that the Pope had no business talking about a secular and politicized subject. Maybe this idiot should read up on the history of the Papacy. Popes and politics are strong bedfellows for many centuries. Politicized? Yup - comes with the Papal job description.

Yeah - I like this Pope. I'm not high on his religion, but I like him and
his courage, his ability to relay a message, and his quite obvious
love and care for all of humanity, national borders irrespective. 

This Pope isn't afraid to look controversial subjects in the eye and tackle them. He will do it in a gentle way, like a loving parent or teacher would, but he'll stand up there and point out the positives and negatives without fudging or flinching.

There is even a set of emoji available for people to download
and use. His hashtags are trending at the top of Twitter, and
he reaches out through modern social media regularly. This is
a modern Pope for the people. 

Despite Saint Serra - I think I like this Pope. Happy Friday, all.

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