Thursday, September 24, 2015

Argh! Just Argh!

I probably should have had a post entitled "Argh" on the 19th, which was "Talk Like A Pirate Day", but it's today when that came to mind because I'm frustrated - just a bit. I spent all of yesterday afternoon working on an earring repair. It should have been quite simple, and on first look, it was. But when I got into the physical actions necessary, it was much more complex than I had thought.

Sometimes it's necessary to think outside the box. 

I pushed that box aside and thought outside the box, finally coming up with an alternative method for the repair, but I had already wasted more than two hours on things that just didn't work at all. The new method I devised actually worked quite well, and I would have had one of the two earrings complete yesterday, except two beads escaped, never to be found again. I hope I have identical beads at the shop that I can fill in with. Crossing my fingers.

I admit it. I love McDonald's french fries. I only treat myself to
a fry every 6 months or so. I was craving some yesterday, though. 

Aside from the frustrating repair, the day was actually quite pleasant. All in all, I suppose things could be worse. I picked up my repaired eyeglass frames (yippee!!!) and had my new frames adjusted slightly so they fit nice and snug to my face now. I did the standard grocery shopping, got gas (it was really inexpensive, so I topped off to take advantage of the low price), and I even treated myself to a small french fry at McDonald's because I've been totally craving it.

Of course there were some nice gowns in the Marchesa
collection. But there also was this disaster from the
back of the chicken coop. Feathers - really? If a
gown makes a model look fat and uncomfortable, why
would anyone over a size 2 want to wear it? 

Tonight is Project Runway, and I hope the designers at least design something worth looking at. Of course, I don't think they could do much worse than Marchesa did for NY Fashion Week. Feathers? Really? Call me unimpressed! Happy Thursday to all!

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