Saturday, September 26, 2015

No Water Tunes For a While

I love my underwater iPod from Underwater Audio, but it's been having some problems lately and yesterday it wouldn't play at all. Of course, since I wasn't able to get into the gym, I'll be bothered by the lack of music today, instead.

I love my underwater iPod from Underwater Audio. But, it's been
working poorly lately. The company agrees and they're
replacing it for me. Hopefully I won't be without music for long. 

The gym was dark when I pulled up yesterday and there was a small group of regular early morning attendees and the morning life guard gathered in the parking lot. When I arrived I found out that the morning front desk guy had a flat tire on the way in and the supervisor was arranging for a different person to get out and unlock the doors. Unfortunately, since I had a tight schedule yesterday, I had to scrap my morning swim and returned home instead.

I love it when I get great customer service. Underwater Audio
was back with instructions and authorization within a few
hours, unlike other places I've dealt with over the past year
that just auto-responded and took days to actually respond. 

Today I'll make up for yesterday and swim instead of hit the machines. It will be a silent swim, though. I checked the warranty on my Underwater Audio iPod and it's still under warranty, so I emailed them. Within two hours they were back with an email confirming my warranty and authorizing a return, assuring me of a quick turn-around. I love good customer service.

So my iPod is packed, a shipping label has been printed, and early Monday morning I'm dropping it all off at the post office. I'll struggle through a few silent swims, but I'm going to be really happy when I get my replacement underwater iPod back.

Wine, chocolate and romance - what a wonderful combination. 

Enjoy your weekend. Sunday is Wine, Chocolate and Romance weekend at Renaissance Festival and it promises to be great weather and unseasonably warm. Huzzah! DH is also talking about taking me out for a late wedding anniversary celebration dinner tomorrow night, so double huzzah! Back on Monday.

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