Monday, September 28, 2015

Romance and the Moon

Yesterday was "Wine, Chocolate and Romance" weekend at the Renaissance Festival, and the weather couldn't have been better. Although the wind was high in the parking lot, in the Fest grounds it died down and was filtered by the trees. It was an abnormally hot autumn day, the sun was shining from a blue sky and it was just about perfect! We had a great time stocking up on chocolate from our favorite chocolate purveyor, watching his team win their game, and wandering the grounds. One weekend is left and the trees are turning. Fall is here and I'm hoping we get one more exceptional Sunday.

One of the big draws at our Fest is the armored jousting. We usually don't
watch it (it's in the sun and I'm sun sensitive), but it can be quite exciting. 

We purchased our Season Tickets for next year yesterday, so we're set for another year of fresh air and costumes. We both love going to Ren Fest, so we always make sure to get our tickets at the lowest possible rate as soon as they go on sale.

We also have a very popular mermaid exhibit with
several mermaids in a watery grove (that's GROVE,
not GRAVE). The little girls go crazy for them. 

Last night we stood in the back yard for more than an hour, watching as the moon of the century was eaten by the dragon of the earth. It was a clear sky, a super moon and a full lunar eclipse, and it was all visible from our back yard. This late in the season, mosquitoes aren't a problem, so we stood outside and watched as the shadow of the earth covered the full moon. So wonderful!

It was a beautiful eclipse last night and I'm very happy we were
able to see most of it. I had to eventually give up on seeing the
re-emergence because I had to go to sleep, but I saw the moon
get eaten and that was wonderful. 

All in all, Sunday couldn't have been much better. Additionally, my football team won its game while I was watching the eclipse, so that put a perfect cap on the day. It's rather sad to have to get back to a "normal" schedule today. Here's hoping everyone has a great Monday. I'll be continuing to work towards having the shop ready to go for the Bead Shop Hop which starts on Thursday! ACK!!!!

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