Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm Back - A Quick Synopsis

I'm back, and it will take me a week just to catch up with all of you and your many varied and fascinating posts. But it was SO worth it!

Sharon flew in late Thursday on the 3rd and we had a lovely meal at Red Lobster, discussing what we wanted to see at the State Fair and what new foods we wanted to try. After we returned home, I gave her the new bag I had purchased for her Fair experience and we separated until the next morning. Then we were off to meet the bus and have our first full day at the Fair.

We tried a lot of the new foods. The winners - the flat wood-grilled pizza
at Mancini's and the chilled bread pudding at Blue Moon Cafe. We ate our way
through the Fair but today's weigh-in showed I only gained two pounds. Yeah me!
Back to the pool today to continue my gym time. 

We had hot, steamy weather this year, but fortunately O'Gara's "Paddy-O" was the perfect place to settle back and relax for an hour or two, so we did. We walked - a LOT - and ate many foods, old and new, but we also were good to ourselves and hung out at the Paddy-O when needed.

Rinse and repeat, and once more --- we spent Friday and Saturday at the Fair with DH joining us Saturday night after he left work. On Sunday we were a foursome - DH, Chickie, Sharon and I wandering throughout the Fairgrounds in search of the perfect exhibit and/or perfect food item. Chickie and I both purchased new eyeglasses at my favorite vendor, and various other things were looked at, and several purchased, through the day.

Monday saw the four of us at the Renaissance Festival in slightly cooler weather, wandering lanes that were dirt roads instead of concrete. So much nicer. The girls helped me figure out what size of corset I should be looking for, and I tried on several. I think I'm leaning toward getting a corset for a Steampunk outfit instead of another "Lady of the Manor" style. I've wanted a Steampunk collection for years now and it might be time to indulge.

On Tuesday, after spending a few hours walking around Mall of America, I dropped Sharon at the airport and headed to work. Time to get back into a normal schedule once more.

I'll post photos and touch on highlights tomorrow, but today I'm catching up and getting ready to get back to the gym. I missed all of you! I'll try to get some time today to start catching up on your posts for the past week, but it's going to take a while. It's GOOD to be back!

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