Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friends in Far Places

Yesterday was a super productive day, but I ended up with some carryover to today's schedule. I cleaned up Sharon's room, got everything back to normal once more. You'd never know someone had been living there for several days. Adding her linens to the laundry loads made one additional load, so I got started early with the wash.

Cutting rod iron fence pieces leads to lots of small,
black pieces of paper littering the floor. I'll continue today! 

Working on holiday cards took up a great portion of the day. Little black pieces of cardstock were littered all over my kitchen floor - like a black tree had shed leaves everywhere. I think I managed to find the last of them about ten minutes before DH got home from work. Now on to the next stage. Oh - and I finally ordered the folded cardstock too - my holiday cards are becoming a reality.

Shruti is an amazing artist who works in glass as
well as draws highly complex mandalas free-hand.
One of her mandalas will be featured in a calendar soon. 

I have a normal 4pm phone call scheduled with Aearwen and I look forward to it every week. Another friend of mine - wonderful, beautiful and oh so talented Shruti - was supposed to call the hour before Aearwen, but she got caught up meeting another friend and ran out of time. She'll call me early today while I'm at the shop so we have some uninterrupted time to chat. Usually Shruti is home in India, but she's visiting relatives and friends in the US right now and wanted to catch up before she goes back home. I miss her - she has an infectious smile and a joy-filled attitude that brighten every room she enters.

I might never catch up with posts and emails, so make sure
to let me know if you posted something you think I'd be
super interested in reading about or pics you think I'd
enjoy seeing. It's good to be back, but catch-up is impossible. 

I'm going to be catching up on posts and emails, etc forever, it seems. If you posted something you want me to be sure to read, you might want to message me just to make sure I catch up with it. Otherwise, it's back to the gym today. Yesterday's swimming time was glorious, but today's machine time won't be as much fun. Have a totally spectacular Thursday!

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