Friday, September 11, 2015

Ending With Style

What a world we live in! Terrorism hasn't ended, it's
just moved from the horrors of the Twin Towers to the
beheadings and brutality of ISIL. Still, 9-11 forged
a great deal of our foreign policy and our basic perceptions
of the Middle East over these past 14 years - not all
for the better. Honor those who died and are still being killed. 

I'm finally successful - all of my State Fair weight has been lost and I'm back to where I had been a week ago. Hallelujah! It's the little things like this that make my life happy - LOL.

Now I'm back to losing once more! Yippee! 

Shruti and I had a lovely talk yesterday for a half hour or so. I had ample time to prep the card stock I was downsizing while talking with her, and started the process of cutting and shaping when we had disconnected, after promising to try and meet up next year in New Orleans. I'm not sure if that will work out for me at all, but I'd sure like to try. Seeing Shruti in person is always like balm for my artistic soul,

I'm absolutely thrilled with this next portion of the holiday cards. The image is excellent and I'm looking forward to making this really sing. I got the ship confirmation on the actual blank cards this morning, so after I get this portion completed, it's time to plan the interior work. This year's card is NOT an easy one, but it's got the possibility of being the most interesting one I've ever designed. What fun!

The winner's lingerie will be produced and marketed with Heidi Klum
Intimates labeling and identity. That's a pretty good break for a
beginning designer. 

Although I've been feeling less than 100%, I still had to stay awake and watch "Project Runway" for this week. I missed last week because Sharon and I were having a late dinner at Red Lobster, and I wasn't willing to miss two weeks in a row. This week's challenge? - Lingerie! Bras and panties. I had to laugh with the guys' responses to this challenge. I certainly didn't disagree with who was sent home, but I think Ashley's design was better and more attractive than the winner's design. Oh well, next week we have another alternative materials challenge with products from a tech dump. That has possibilities.

Have a glorious Friday. It's back to the swimming pool for me in 45 minutes.

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