Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yes? No? Maybe? - How About All of the Above?

Busy! My Tuesdays are usually something I can handle fairly easily, but not today. After the gym (essential because yesterday's swimming didn't happen due to the lack of a life guard *sigh*), I'll be running at high speed to get to the south end of town in time for a 7:30 dental checkup appointment. Then, fight my way back in traffic to get the store opened on time.

Rush hour traffic - there's nothing fun about it, even if it
is dealing with sheep in Afghanistan. 

My patience with Chickie's current illness has just about run its course. I'm a pretty patient person, and she's been feeling really crappy, but enough is enough. I actually need work out of her, so time to buck up and actually show up in more than just body. She should be on her last day of her evil medication, so I have some hope there.

Brewster Wallcovering is an old, established US firm that
has both household and commercial wallcoverings available.
I want one of their commercial choices, with a second choice
being one of their household choices. The differences aren't
great, but enough to be picky. 

The wallpaper saga is getting a bit out of hand. One paper was successfully ordered on Sunday, so my living room wall will have paper. The second paper, I needed the equivalent of 18 single rolls for my hallway and entryway. The young lady helping me on Sunday mistakenly typed in 18 feet for the order, and it's a commercial wallpaper that comes on bolts (much larger than rolls). After not getting a call back in the morning (which was supposed to happen), I called the wallpaper store instead.

If I go by this chart, I'm totally screwed. Supposedly a bolt
from Brewster is 54" wide, 30 feet long. A single roll
of wallpaper is usually 21" wide by 16-1/2 feet long. I'll
have to do some of the math myself before calling back
the wallpaper store later this morning. 

The young man helping me finally managed to get in touch with the factory and found out why the order was rejected (yeah - they probably had a good laugh over an 18 foot order *sigh*). But, when he did the calculations from single roll square footage to bolt square footage, we came up sitting on a line. If I had wiggle room in my measurements, two bolts would probably do the job. But if the measurements were spot on without wiggle, I would need three bolts. At almost $400 a bolt, I wanted to save that extra $ if I didn't need to spend it.

I'm tangled in measurements and measuring tapes. *sigh* This
has to be accurate - the stock is low and I can't afford a $400 mistake. 

Calling my wallpaper install dude who had originally done the measurements, of course he was on a job and couldn't check his original notes. He'd get back to me as soon as he could - which he did, almost two hours later.

I need more time, and I'm not getting it. I also need to wrap my
mind around some numbers before I phone my wallpaper store
again later this morning. Anyone want my life? I'll trade for a while. 

So he says I can do two bolts (although I'm still going to check numbers once more). But the young man I worked with yesterday is off today and I will need to bring yet a third person up to date on what's happening with my wallpaper order. OMG! At least I got Sharon's flight information in a post yesterday so our annual crazy time at the State Fair and Ren Fest is once again happening. Now to get her room emptied, the small house cleaned up before the Fairgoers make parking impossible, and, and, and ... I need the Time Fairy to give me more time from her magic wand! Have a good Tuesday!

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