Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday - Busy Gearing Up

Sunday turned into a very busy day after DH said he had no firm plans for the day. Following a breakfast of Mexican omelettes (salsa, chorizo sausage, herbs, sour cream and avocado), I went to the wall paper store to place our orders for wall coverings. I backed DH into a corner and told him he had to decide NOW. Thus, the order. So one has now been ordered, the second one will have to wait for finalization until the factory is open since they said their stock was limited. Hopefully they will have enough for our order, if not, we'll go with our second choice from the same factory.

Getting DH to agree on a wall covering was like pulling teeth. He's
still not happy with the secondary paper, but I gave him no choice.
I'd like this done before the snow falls once more. 

Getting home, DH was in the process of cleaning the library so that we could move the book boxes from the spare room into the library while Sharon is visiting. I got to work replacing our curios and collectibles into one of the living room cabinets. Lots of trips up and down the stairs. We put the bookcases along the hallway, but that's temporary. We'll discuss whether or not to re-install them later. I'm angling toward keeping the hallway open, DH wants the shelves replaced.

Our hallway bookshelves are quite nice, actually. DH built them
many years ago to accommodate our overflow of books. Since that
time we outgrew these also. I'll be taking quite a few books to sell
to Half Price Books over the next few weeks. 

Finally, after several hours of work, DH fired up the grill and we had steaks and charred corn for dinner. Nom! I saved half of my steak for tonight, so I'll double my nom - LOL.

With the exception of pasta instead of the potato at the right, this is almost
exactly what we had for dinner last night. So good! 

We ended the night with football (American football). It's really early in the preseason, but the Minnesota Vikings were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Hall of Fame game. It's a good opportunity for the coaches to see how their new players are fitting in. There are four more preseason games before a final roster is required, so there will be lots of hopeful players trying their best to make the team.

So football is here once again, and DH's team actually won
this one. Of course, it is pre-season, and there's a long way
to go until Super Bowl next January. 

All of these cleaning and putting away, of course, will have to be reversed when the wall covering finally arrives and we get  Mike out here for the install. The story of my life - back and forth and back once more - LOL. I suppose it's only reasonable that I'll be swimming laps today. Back and forth and back once more. Happy Monday to all!

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