Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday - Rushed Once Again

It's Wednesday, it's my day off, and my schedule is, as usual, absolutely insanely busy. Today I add a trip to the eye doctor to get an updated prescription to the mix. My last checkup was in June, 2012, so I think I'm due. I want to get my eyeglasses relensed once more and if I decide on a new pair, my favorite shop offers exceptional deals at the State Fair, so I need my prescription then. Unfortunately I have to drive to the far northern suburbs to get to the only doctor that had open time today. And I get the joy of fighting rush hour traffic once more to accomplish it. *sigh*

These Wildebeests are experiencing their own form of rush hour. I'm
not looking forward to the roads I have to travel today, but I really want
to get my eyes examined and an updated prescription. 

I was THIS close to ordering the second wallpaper yesterday, but held off. DH really isn't fond of what I chose for the hallway and entry area. He kept telling me to take a close look at the wallpaper in my dentist's office. Yesterday I was at my dentist for my semi-annual clean and check, and looked carefully at the wallpaper. I even took some pictures. I'm going to head out to the wallpaper store once again late this morning and look at the books with a different focus. Now I have a closer idea about what DH is looking for, so I'll see what I can do.

Dr B's wallpaper has a crackling look that DH really
likes. Putting it through filters in my photo programs,
I can see a lot of depth in it, as well as some interesting
color variety leading to the mottled look. It's quite nice. 

I figure that we can't get the paper installed for more than a month anyway, so I can take some time to find the perfect pattern - or at least try my best to do so. It's pretty - kind of crackly looking - and if I could find it in grey tones, it would perfectly offset the marbling paper I have already purchased for the living room. But looking through wallpaper books can be a bit daunting - there are so many of them.

The new line is called "Hidden Treasures".© It features a lot of beads
that we haven't had on the sales floor for years, things we found in
odd corners or that are discontinued, all mixed up into color
coordinated mixes. I think it will be run. 

So my list for the day isn't as bad as last week's list was, but it's packed for the morning. At some time I need to do some computer work for a new product mix I want to sell at the store. That will involve signage, pictures, and catchy text. I think the collection will be a popular alternative for some customers, but I can't sell it if it's not on the sales floor. Silly me! Have a wonderful Wednesday - I'm off to the pool for some guppy time.

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