Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oooooh - Shiny!

Yesterday was a day of accomplishment - not everything got done, but a lot of it did. Pivotal on my schedule was a trip to the northwestern offices of my eye clinic to get my eyes checked out and an up-to-date prescription. Happily, the doctor said my eyes are better now than they were three years ago when I last had them checked, so HUZZAH! Now I possess a new up-to-date prescription so that I can get my current glasses relensed and look at possibly purchasing a new pair when I'm at the State Fair in a few weeks. My two original frames are more than ten years old now, have been relensed several times, and are still wonderfully unusual. I refuse to buy "normal" frames.

I have two pairs of eyeglasses that I wear, both from the Spectacle
Shoppe, and both extremely unusual, custom made frames. Not
a day passes without someone commenting on how unusual my
eyeglasses are. If you have to wear glasses, then treat them as
if they are face jewelry and get ones that really work for you. 

Of course, every up must have a down to balance, and my balancing act was driving and functioning after those darned drops dilated my pupils. I had freeway traffic to deal with getting back to my part of the city, and it was a sunny day. The clinic provided extra sunglasses that I wore, but it was still a bit dicey getting back. In fact, my vision was impacted for hours. *sigh*

With my pupils dilated, I felt like a cat - able to see well in
darkness. Of course, light was another matter, and it was a
sunny day with light flashing off the cars and mirrors every
direction I turned. Oook! 

I did go to the wallpaper store with my photo in-hand (along with my drapery sample and the sample of the other wallpaper we had already ordered). I looked through a lot of sample books and Aleeza also did, and we came up with ten possibilities. I have those small samples now mounted around the large swatch of the main paper to help DH and me choose which samples we want to see in a larger size. I'll try and get those ordered over the weekend. We're back to the drawing board, but one step ahead.

I was fighting my dilated pupils for more than three hours after
I had been medicated for the exam. It was one of the rare times
that I really wanted a cloudy day, and of course there wasn't a cloud
in the sky. 

I also was able to find the specialized fold that I wanted for this year's holiday cards and ordered a few samples of these to determine the weight and color I want. I need to get my materials for this year's card isolated and ready to go ASAP because the clock is ticking. I usually have already started physical work on the cards by the time of Le Tour de France. I'm running almost a month late this year. But I'm thrilled that I could get the type of fold I wanted, so this year's Solstice cards have the potential to be outstanding!

The thunder seems to be moving away. Maybe the outdoor swimmers
will have their shot at the pool after all. The outdoor pool will close
for the season on September 7th, and everyone is anxious to get whatever
time they can outdoors while the Olympic-size pool is still available. 

That's all for today. The thunder is rumbling in the background and all of the outdoor swimmers will be pushed to the indoor pool if there's any lightning. Fortunately, today is a machine day for me. Elliptical and recumbent bicycle, here I come!

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