Friday, August 14, 2015

Unusual Materials

Last night's "Project Runway" challenge was their 'unusual materials' challenge, and no, I'm not going to tell you who won or who lost, just that (as usual) some of the designs were really horrid and others were fabulous. I didn't agree with who they pegged as worst and safe, so I didn't agree with who they sent home, but it's a competition. Eventually everyone except the three top designers will be sent home and only one of those final three will actually win.

My DH owns a Milwaukee Tools power drill, but it's
similar to this Black and Decker. I don't go half-way
when I need a drill. I use the one that could drill through
a thick board. 

Back to the subject at hand. Unusual materials. We've all had times when we used something unusual for a purpose it was never intended. As one example, I have used an ice pick to drill holes into leather belts for extending or pulling in a belt buckle to a new location. I have also used a power drill for that same purpose. Neither tool is actually meant to be used this way, they were handy and they did the job.

A kiss can be a medical miracle if given by the right person. 

Aren't relationships sometimes like that? A child falls and skins his/her knee. Often times the caregiver will not only clean and bandage the bleeding skin, but afterward will "kiss it and make it better". An unusual healing medication, but one that I remember as having been very effective in my own life.

The toes on my new Converse slip-on shoes are just crying out for
decoration. I may regret it, but I'm going to throw some
waterproof pens into my handbag and see if I have any spare time
to play later on today. 

Have you ever used something in a non-traditional way to cook with? To clean with? To make art with? On an art thought - I have a new pair of slip-on Converse shoes in a nice dusty grey. The toes on these shoes are just begging for decoration. Hmmm ... maybe time to grab a waterproof pen and start drawing... Have a great Friday!

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