Saturday, August 22, 2015

Whirling Thoughts, Projects and Planets

I'm living life in stutter-step right now.

I'm running in place, and it isn't even helping my physical conditioning. 

I'm waiting for wall paper samples - got one, need two more to arrive. I'm waiting on supplies for my cards - looked through some ideas for my solstice gifts (yes, I'm contemplating sending a small gift along with each of the cards) and think I may be able to pull this off. Renaissance Faire starts today, and tomorrow we'll be out there in the sunshine and surprisingly low temperatures, even though today's temps will be warm and beautiful. Disturbed's newest album dropped yesterday and I spent an hour last night previewing the tracks. I like it - think I may have to buy this one.

Disturbed's newest album, "Immortalized" dropped yesterday. I was
hearing clips on and off on Sirius XM yesterday, and last night I settled
down with iTunes to preview the album. It's pretty good. I may have to
buy this one. 

So, as you can tell, my thoughts are here, there and everywhere. Focus? What's that!? Yesterday, I did buy a second sheet of metal so that I could try some samples of the techniques I want to play with. Also, DH made a wonderful dinner last night - too much food = weight gain = more time on the elliptical today. *Sigh* my life - the good, the bad and the marking time.

The world is whirling, but realistically, that's a very good idea. 

So I'm running in place both figuratively and literally right now. The world is whirling around me (probably a very good thing when I think about gravitational pull, orbital pathways, and basic physics) and I'm watching it go. I'm feeling a bit frustrated right now, but I'll get over it. After all - I have metal I can play with! Have a great weekend.

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