Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Not A Patient Person

I'm in the stage where I have to wait for everything and it's driving me crazy.

I'm waiting for the mail. Things needed for my holiday cards, wall
paper samples, and other items ordered just have to arrive. Until
they are here, I'm stuck in stasis. 

I can't go farther on my holiday cards until I've received the items I ordered earlier in the week. I could cut metal, but I still have to make sure that my concept will work and the exact sizing - metal isn't free, after all, and mistakes cost me out of pocket. I have an array of tasks lined up for me at work, but the major ones - the computer glitches caused earlier in the week, can only be handled before hours, not during the sales day, so I'm limited there.

My muses seem to be liking the closet. Sometimes
I wonder if they will ever come out and play again. 

My muses are still hiding. They disappeared in mid-May when I was fighting bronchitis. I suspect they were frightened of catching my illness, ran for the nearest closet, and closed the door. I see them peeking out every now and again, but they hurriedly pull back and close the door to their safe, dark asylum. I hope that eventually they will come out again, but until then I'll have to concentrate on physical creativity instead of stories and tales.

I have made one decision. This year I won't participate in NaNoWriMo. I've enjoyed it over the past few years and have completed the challenge each year I've signed up, but I don't think I could successfully balance NaNo with the gym and the on-going remodeling with any skill this year. I don't want my stress levels to go completely ballistic, so I'll pass for 2015.

Still - some things are going well. Renaissance Faire opens Saturday and we'll be there on Sunday. It goes through the first weekend of October, so this may be one of those years where I have at least one stifling hot day but end the fest with snowflakes coming down. It will be wonderful to be back outside for these days.

Today is a guppy day - always a fun thing. Have a wonderful Friday and I'll be back tomorrow.

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