Monday, August 24, 2015

Just Marking Time

There are some months where it seems that all I'm doing is watching the days enter and leave while nothing, NOTHING, else happens on my end. August has, in many ways, been that kind of month and I think I'm rather happy to be entering the last week of it. Not that it's been a bad month so far. On the contrary - it's actually been a pretty good one. I'm just not getting as far as I want with housecleaning, my weight is plateaued, which is driving me crazy, and everything sweet has had a salty side. It's been a contrary month so far.

Here is the photo of the cast for this year's Fest, the court featuring the
King and Queen on the right and the mermaids (don't ask) on the left.
It's a large cast of roaming players and entertainers and it's always
fun because there's always something going on somewhere. 

We went to Renaissance Fest yesterday for our first day of the new season. The weather was COLD. I wore my cape, and normally I wouldn't bother for another month or more. It was cloudy, it was massively windy, and although the clouds parted to allow a mix of sun and clouds after the first couple of hours, it was cold all day.

The idea in the sheaf toss is to stick a pitchfork into
a burlap-covered weighted bag and then toss is over
an ever-increasing height. The current world record
is 39 feet for a 20 pound bag. Our guys tapped out
at 30 feet, but that's still an impressive height. 

It was one of our favorite weekends - Highland Fling - and we did have a chance to see kilts and some of our favorite events. But we missed our absolute favorite - the caber toss - and the field of competitors was smaller than the previous day because the world event had been held on Saturday and it was just the state event for the Sunday schedule.

The actual sheaf toss looks really easy, but getting
that height and the proper trajectory is harder than
it looks. 

I tried on my usual corset in the morning and it's WAY too big. DH suggested I try my oldest corset so I grabbed one I had made for me more than 15 years ago. Surprise - it fit beautifully. So that gave me a corset to wear, but I wanted to see if I saw a new boned corset at the fest that I couldn't resist buying. Although we saw two different ones that were quite tempting, I was pushed off by the $185 price tag. That's a lot and I just don't have it right now. So I'll let this sit until I have Sharon and Chickie with me and then take another look with them. I might try on a couple then and see what size is good. But I'm still not sure about spending that much ... no way around it - that's a freakin' lot of money.

There are hundreds of different styles of corset out there. I need
to figure out the appropriate size, then I can take my time and
shop at the fest, but also on ebay and see what I find that
I really like. My vendor here will have new stock after Bristol
closes and after Texas closes because they also sell at those
two venues. 

Finally, we got home, defrosted, and I had a nice, hot cup of tea. I had made reasonable food choices all day, but looking at where I am weight-wise for the month, I've gotten nowhere fast. I've been bouncing around the same four pounds for the entire month - up, then down, then up again with no rhyme or reason. I'm frustrated, and only have one more week before the month will end. We'll be going to the Fair on Saturday night and I know I won't make a wise food choice there. Well Hell!

So that's my frustrated Monday. At least I get to be in the pool today! Here's hoping your August is a bit more positive than my round-a-bout.

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