Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SUDS? Too Much of a Good Thing

I must still be getting used to my new washer and dryer, although I've owned them now for almost eight full months and do an average of six loads of laundry a week. Silly me! To think that I might know a piece of equipment after 35 weeks!

I guess I'm still getting used to my new babies, even though I've washed at
least 150 loads since I got them in early January. Silly me! 

After a quick lawn mow and last clean up at the small house before the State Fair starts on Thursday, we picked up Pad Thai and eggrolls to go and headed home. I quickly pushed my gym clothes into the washer, added detergent (what I thought was my normal amount) and turned it on. It usually takes an hour for the wash which would have made my dryer time end between 9 and 9:30 pm. I got up and checked at about 8:15 and instead of a darkened washer, there was a computer code I hadn't see before: SUDS.

I love the chicken Pad Thai at my local restaurant. Yesterday's
meal wasn't as spicy as we had asked for, though. It's the
first time we were disappointed in LiSu's food. It's still really
tasty, but we like our spice. 

Suds. Really? I had to go into the manual to discover that apparently there were too many suds and that the washer would sit on standby until they had reduced and then automatically begin again. OK - that was fine - the machine wasn't broken and giving me a weird "help me" code, but it also meant that I wouldn't be able to stick my clothes into the dryer until this morning and would have to wear my alternate set of gym clothes (much less comfortable).

Too much detergent is too much of a good thing. Who knew? 

Well, that'll teach me. Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing. I'm not exactly sure how I overdid it, but I was in a rush and maybe just poured more in than necessary. I'll keep a closer eye on my measurements in the future. But now, I'm sitting in front of the computer in my alternate gym clothes and I'm not super happy about that. Alas. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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