Friday, August 28, 2015

Fair Food and Project Runway

Chickie was at the State Fair yesterday and she was under instructions to check out all the new food and have some, then text and report back. There are a lot of new foods this year that sound interesting, and Heavy Table hasn't put out their review yet. Since DH and I are heading out there tomorrow night for a few hours, we're focused on discovering which foods we want to try.

This is the Chilled Bread Pudding at the Blue Moon Cafe.
The description is a choice of four different types of bread
pudding including corn bread or traditional Challah, a choice
of toppings (I want the warm berries topping) and a
sprinkle (I'm going for the candy roasted pecans).
It's at Blue Moon, and their food is usually excellent. 

We worked from a printed list and each of us spent time yesterday working up a list of foods we wanted to try and loading them into our phones. DH just did a basic list, but I slapped an Xcel spreadsheet organized by area so that I can make sure I catch at least a glimpse of the ones I'm interested in. The advantage is that Sharon and I are there for three days plus I have my one day preview. That gives me four days to spread things out. But it's still a lot of food.

The Blue Barn has "Grandma Deb's Snicker Bar Salad",
cut up apples and snicker candy bars swirled in vanilla
pudding with caramel and whipped cream. Yum! 

Last year more than 1,800,000 people attended the Fair during its ten-day run. This year they are speculating attendance of more than two million. That's a LOT of people going to the State Fair. I can hardly wait to be one of them :-)

Shanghaied Henry's in the International Bazaar has four
different taco selections. I want them all! I'm hoping
DH and I can get the four and split them between us.
There's a Korean Bar-B-Q, an Oslo, a St Paul and a Yucatan
style taco, each with different meats, sauces and additions. 

RE Project Runway, I wasn't all that in favor of the winning look, preferring the beautiful curves of the black shirt/jacket and leather dress of the runner-up. I doubt Amanda will be there much longer, the bottom seems to be her norm and I'm not seeing innovation at all, just poor design. Have a wonderful Friday.

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