Thursday, August 27, 2015

Black Holes and Progress

Does anyone else have a black hole in their home? I've had one of these for as long as I can remember and it's inconvenient, at the very least. It was in full swing on Wednesday.

Do you have a monster in the corner in your house? I always
thought that every house has at least one monster who
eats things you know were there and then spits them back
out into places you know you already looked. 

Wednesday's errands included a quick stop at Michael's for a pen for Zentangle and some card stock for my holiday cards. Between cleaning the bathroom shower and doing loads of laundry, I wanted to test some of the things I want to do for this year's holiday cards. I purchased my items, dropped by the grocery store, and headed home.

Pulling out the equipment I want to use, I got everything set up and tested with white paper (I have reams and reams of white card stock). It worked SO well! I was almost jumping up and down in excitement. Now to try the real color. I looked to the side of me - no Michael's bag. I started roaming the house looking for the bag - nope, nowhere to be found. After wasting a half hour hunting without success I headed back to Michael's and spent another $10 replacing what I had purchased earlier in the day.

I'll be using my Big Kick Sizzix for this year's set of cards. It's
a pretty amazing piece of equipment and I've been playing
with the capabilities of it for a year. 

I did my tests, decided on step 1 of the cards, began research into step 2, tried the insert (very cool, how well this is going to work!) and continued with my day. Later that night, after dinner when I was sweeping the kitchen floor, I found the original Michael's bag on the floor behind the kitchen table. The black hole had decided to cough the bag back up (making me wonder what it has eaten instead).

I might return the excess next Wednesday, but for now I am overwhelmed with card stock, I have two pens for Zentangle, and I have my equipment in the back of Minion to be taken to the shop with me. It's time to get started punching out the elements I'll need for my holiday cards. It's always fun when things actually work the way I want them to ...

The Minnesota State Fair begins today and runs through Labor Day,
September 7th. It marks the end of summer to many of us. We're
starting out on the cool side, but next week is expected to be hot!
I actually prefer a cooler Fair, but I can't be there until next week,
so hot it may be. 

Happy Thursday to all! Chickie will be taking a vacation day to go to the first day of the Great Minnesota Get Together - aka the State Fair. Customers get freaked out by the thought of dealing with State Fair traffic (my shop is less than a mile from the Fairgrounds), so it might be a slow day.

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Pam said...

So funny about your Black Hole Monster.... I have always blamed it on Gremlins but DH claims it is a Black Hole! It most particularly likes bright and shiny BEADS! LOL