Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ouch and Food

Sometime yesterday morning, very early before I left for the gym, I managed to strain my upper hamstring muscle. OUCH! I was hoping it would work itself out through swimming, but it didn't and even though I heated and iced it last night, it still hurts. I think I'll give the gym a slide today. Everything I'm reading is telling me to take it easy with an injury like this, so I'll skip my elliptical and recumbent bicycle today, but I'll be at the State Fair and Renaissance Fest over the rest of the weekend so I'll be walking all over the place. I'll try to take it easy, though, and Monday is a swimming day so it's easier on my muscles.

I pulled my upper hamstring muscle yesterday. It hurts, and
I'm not happy about it. 

Tonight is DH's and my solo time at the Fair. I'll meet him there after work and we'll grab a foot-long hot dog, an ear of corn, and maybe a malt. I don't know if we'll try any of the new foods, but we'll revisit our old favorites before Sharon arrives next Thursday.

The Stuffed Italian Meatball on a Stick at the Green Mill has been hitting
close to the top of all four new food reviews. I might have to try this one. 

The reviews are out on the new State Fair foods. Heavy Table, City Pages and both newspapers - the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune have posted their reviews on their websites. Now it's time to cull the initial list of new foods that I made and revise it by which foods got good reviews and which got bad ones. The advantage of being at the State Fair four times is that I can spread food over the entire time so I'll have the opportunity to pick and choose.

The Limerick Fries at O'Gara's (one of my favorite places to hang out and relax) are
a definite on our lists. They are pimento cheese and cayenne pepper coated in
a corn meal mix, deep fried and served with a custom sauce. It's getting rave reviews. 

Tomorrow we'll be walking around Renaissance Festival for the day. I guess my pulled muscle will get plenty of exercise before I see my Chiropractor on Monday morning. Here's to a good weekend for all.

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