Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dog Days of August - Stay Cool

We're entering into the "Dog Days of Summer", also known as August. Of course, it's not all smooth sailing. Chickie has bronchitis and may have to take a few more days off to recover enough to work, DH is grumbling about getting the final shelf for the pantry completed and installed tomorrow (he sets these invisible schedules for himself) and I have a month remaining before Sharon will arrive for her annual visit - my house needs some serious rearranging or I'll be putting her up in a hotel. So, I'm going to concentrate on something else for my post today. How about some dog days...

Oh, those dog days of summer. They're here once again - the last
spurt of hot weather before we dive into the fall and then the
snows of winter once more. Winter drags and summer races. I'll
take summer any time. 

Ah, cooling down on those hot days. I'm sure I'll have a few
times I'll wish I could get away doing this. 

Staying cool is necessary during the summer months, and August
can be beastly. 

Some dogs just know how to get down and groove. Here, this surfer pup
is ready to ride the waves. That water looks so good! 

Don't have a pool handy? Remember the joys of running through the
sprinklers when you were a kid? Set it up and let yourself enjoy
those dog days of summer. 

Just kick back and enjoy the final month of summer - at least here
in the northern states. Move a bit slower, enjoy shade and cold
drinks. Grill dinners outdoors and maybe invite some friends over
to share burgers and grilled corn. Happy summer! 

So I'll be trying to get things done this month while still going to the gym and enjoying the warm days while I have them. Have a fun weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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