Monday, August 3, 2015

Busy Bees - My Weekend Construction Catchup

It was a busy weekend in road construction, so I wanted to catch up before the next phase starts. On Friday they were working across the street, so nothing much happened by me. I went out to explore in the early morning.

The new concrete at the corner is complete. They did a really nice
job and it slopes down in wide pathways for strollers and wheelchairs. 

I saw the finished street curb at my next door neighbor's. It now extends much farther into the intersection, eliminating a turn lane that had been there, replacing it with a broader pedestrian crosswalk. Out intersection is quite busy between the college bookstore and pharmacy across the street, and the coffee shop and my own store. Passage back and forth is frequent. One goal of this project had been to increase pedestrian safety when they were crossing.

I'm more and more impressed with the skill of the various
construction workers that I see on this project. It's hard
to form the sidewalk perfectly and even it out, but this guy
made it look easy. 

On the side of my neighbor's shop, they had poured a last bit of concrete and one guy was shaping and smoothing it out. The upper curves of the curb are shaped by hand without a mold or form. There's some real skill being demonstrated by the various construction workers on this project.

The dinos are lurking. Beginning with the blue Velociraptor directly in
front of my store, there are two yellow T-Rex machines patiently
waiting a bit farther down the block. 

Looking down the street on Saturday, Directly in front of my door was the blue Velociraptor followed by two of the big yellow T-Rex machines standing in wait for this week's work. It's a bit intimidating.

Look at that new white concrete, and then look
at the new dark black just behind it. That's the
new bituminous roadway they put in on Saturday.
It's almost a foot thick! 

Saturday's work, however, turned out to be a different company laying and compressing almost a foot of bituminous roadway to connect the new sidewalk to the roadway. It's quite beautiful now.

This was what we wanted to order - crab linguine, split king crab and a snow
crab claw. They were sold out of the king crab and told us we could substitute
anything we wanted, so we substituted Maine lobster tails. Yummy! I also
indulged with mashed potatoes and lobster for my side. So yummy! AND, I lost
a pound. Call me happy - LOL. 

I hope you had a great weekend. DH and I finished the pantry (well - at least 95% worth of finished) and went out to Red Lobster to celebrate. It's crab fest time, and we indulged in snow crab, a Maine lobster tail and Crab linguine. I took my linguine home in a box. It'll be a great dinner for tonight. Have a wonderful Monday - I'm off to swim.

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