Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dinos Running Rampant

Yesterday morning the dinos lying in wait were loosed and the challenge for my customers increased. My poor ladies - trying to get into the shop. My Manager thought we wouldn't have any customers all day. Fortunately he was quite wrong. But those who braved the machines and the lack of sidewalk were certainly determined to get their beading supplies (except for one b___h who was determined to complain about how I was shadowing her. Live with it, b___h!).

This is how things were left for the weekend. The dinos looked so benign, but
they were merely waiting their time to pounce! 

You'll recall how I had the Blue Velociraptor and two of the yellow T-Rex machines waiting when the weekend started. Monday morning they were brought to life once again. The Velociraptor and one T-Rex were moved to other areas, but one T-Rex took up position directly in front of my door and began destroying old concrete immediately, starting with my store and moving up the block throughout the day By the end of the day he was at the far end of the block.

Look at the brick corner of my building in the first picture
and compare it to what the T-Rex has done to me in this
photo of what existed when I unlocked my door yesterday.
The blue Velociraptor can be seen in the far distance at
the end of the block.  

Finally, concrete was poured late in the afternoon. We were receiving concrete as we were locking up to go home at 6:00 pm. A bare pathway was left for our customers to walk through today while yellow "caution" tape will block off the newly-poured sections. It's a real mess.

Here's a photo of Sasha kitty a few years ago when she was feeling
much better and was much more feisty. Chickie will miss her
little cow kitty. 

Finally, Chickie had a difficult day yesterday, having Sasha-kitty put to sleep. Sasha was going into renal failure. She was very old and her mobility and ability to get around the apartment was quite compromised, so Chickie decided it was time to send her on. She arranged for a vet to come to her home and take care of it there to minimize stress for the cat. I know it was very difficult for her.

So there you have it - a Tuesday update telling about an eventful Monday. Here's hoping today will be a bit less filled with machines, noise and dust.

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