Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Busy? Moi?

Wednesday. Today my day off equals - (1) Taking the garbage cans out to the curb, (2) swimming,  (3) breakfast, (4) getting everything ready at the store for the day's work, (5) driving through rush hour traffic to get to the eye doctor for a check-up and either a pat on the back or surgery, (6) driving back through city traffic to my own little neighborhood to go to ...

Here's an ad from the 1950's for drugs to help women cope. I suspect
the women were finding it harder to cope with societal norms and
expectations. Drugs certainly could help. Maybe I need some for
today's crazy schedule? Nah ... too easy. 

(7) the office supply store - desperately need staples, (8) check to see if there's a punch I can use for a store project at Michael's, (9) grocery shopping, (10) home. At home, I'll be doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and trying to make some decisions about wall paper. Along the way I'll have a nice afternoon chat with Aearwen.

The entire schedule depends on how long things will take at the eye
doctor's and how the traffic is coming and going. *sigh* I hate my life
depending on things outside of my own control. 

They say the life of a housewife is boring and that she sits around all day. They know NOTHING! Hmmm.....

The newly poured square of concrete is DIRECTLY in front
of my door. The first five calls I got after we were open
were from people wondering how they could get it. There is a
passageway to get to where I'm standing, but it's not
super obvious. Fortunately they pulled the blockade down
around noon. 

The concrete on the far side of the open area was also poured today, and shaped
by hand yet again. I suspect the center section along with the grey piping I see
there is on today's agenda. 

We now have sidewalk at the shop, and we have curb. The center area between them is still open, that's where they're putting new piping for the water department. The sidewalks have been poured for most of the block, but the cement trucks will still be rolling by today. The guys were already hard at work when I showed up around 7:00 am, and they were just wrapping up when I was leaving at 6:00 pm. I applaud their work ethic. Happy Wednesday to all!

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