Friday, July 31, 2015

It's the End of July

It's the end of July and it's time for a wrap-up along with other miscellaneous things. To start, something that made me smile. After I got home from work yesterday, I picked up DH and we went over to Total Wine. I wanted some more Redd's Apple Ale and assorted craft beers, he wanted some Angry Orchard and a variety of fruity ales. Getting back into my car after our outing, I noticed a note under my windshield wiper. Pulling it out, I read the following: "I like your Minion on the dash :-) It put a smile on my face! Have a great night." I don't know who wrote it, but her note put a smile onto my face. My car has a fan club - LOL.

My car has a small figurine of Dave from Despicable Me 2 on my
dashboard (soon to be joined by one of King Bob). It's this
small Minion that was referred to in the note. 

I'm down five pounds for the month and I'm pretty happy about that. Slow and steady seems to be working well for me and I'm still loving going to the gym six days a week. When I don't go, I really miss it. DH complains about how he just doesn't have the time to run on the treadmill, but I refuse to allow myself excuses. Today is a guppy day and I'm already looking forward to being in the pool in an hour. Yippee!

I plug in my music and start swimming. Before I know it, I've put
in my mile. Guppy Days are my happy days. 

Today is the last day of July and that means the summer is 2/3 over (at least in my head). August is a busy month. Renaissance Festival will start, the State Fair will start, and I'll be going totally crazy trying to get things back together for Sharon's visit in early September. I have a ton of stuff to move back into cases and cabinets that we had to move for the carpeting install. The house is still in total disarray and, unfortunately, the wall paper won't be installed until after Sharon has come and gone, requiring a re-do for some items. But, that's OK. It's worth it just to see my BFF once more.

One of my favorite pictures from Renaissance Festival. Sharon is
on the left, I'm in the center and Chickie is on the right. All's
fair in Elizabethan England, right? 

Chickie is pathetically sick but is soldiering on at work. She can't stop coughing, and yesterday had such a bad coughing fit in the afternoon that she barely was able to catch her breath for more than 15 minutes. I insisted that she see her doctor, so she'll leave in the afternoon today for a quick look-over by her physician and Jim will have to work a couple of hours while she's out of the shop. That's life - that's doing what you need to do for others.

Chickie will see the doctor today and, hopefully, get something
seriously stronger than what she's already taking to allow
her to recover from this really nasty cold. Ick! 

Did more happen in July? Of course it did. But I want the post to have a reasonable length, so I'm cutting things off here. Have a wonderful Friday and look back on July as a month of accomplishment in the height of summer (or winter for my friends south of the equator).

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