Friday, July 10, 2015

Toys and Boys - Is the Yellow Jersey Cursed?

I am testing out a new toy today and for the next couple of weeks. I'm still wearing my MisFit Shine for general fitness tracking, but also am using a Moov as a fitness tracker and coach. The software on the Moov is much deeper and it is meant to function as a coach, telling the wearer where they can improve, counting cadence, etc. I really bought it for the swimming app because it will keep track of laps, strokes, speed, etc. It's a 30-day return policy so I'll give it a trial run for a bit. If I don't like it, it will be returned.

I'm almost worried that the Moov Fitness Tracker might give
me TOO much information. But I'll try it and see. It's
comfortable to wear, only a bit clunkier than my Shine is, and
if it can help me with my swimming, it might be worth keeping. 

Today is Day 7 of Le Tour de France and once again the yellow jersey winner will not start this morning. Fabian Cancellera won the Yellow Jersey on Days 2 and 3, crashing on Day 3 and not starting on Day 4. Tony Martin won the Yellow Jersey on Day 4, wore it for Day 5 and Day 6, but crashed badly on Day 6 and will not start this morning because he broke his collarbone. So the question becomes, who will win the jersey today? Will they also have to pull out in a few days because they injured themselves in a crash? Ouch! Maybe the yellow isn't such a good goal after all?

The crash happened less than 1km from the finish, so the times were
frozen. Here, Tony Martin is escorted to the finish line by his
teammates. After the podium, where he was visibly in pain, he was
taken by ambulance to the hospital where x-rays showed he had a broken
collarbone. He was immediately scheduled for surgery and has withdrawn
from the race. 

Today is Stage 7, from Livarot to Fougeres (190km). There are only two sprinters stages left, so today should be hotly contended between the sprinters. Today is quite flat, tomorrow will be a bit more hilly, then we have the team time trial and then - the Pyrenees! So those sprinters better be ready to move today. Expect more crashes and more riders withdrawing from the race because of injuries.

Here, Tony Martin is escorted to the ambulance after the podium and
awards. He had to be in some serious pain! OUCH! 

Eleven riders have now withdrawn from the race due to injuries. Orica-Greenedge will have a difficult time of it in the team time trial on Sunday because three of those eleven riders are from their team. They can't afford to lose another rider. Two of the withdrawals were Yellow Jersey wearers. As I asked - "Is the Yellow Jersey cursed?" The field is wide open, but Chris Froome will probably be in yellow by the end of the day.

Here, Daniel Teklehaimanot receives his Polka-dot Jersey. He's the first
Eritrean rider ever to stand on the podium and he was smiling brightly
enough to outshine the sun. Congratulations, Daniel! 

Finally, congratulations extended to Daniel Teklehaimanot, riding for the invitational team Mtn-Qhubeka of South Africa. This Eritrean rider fulfilled a dream by winning the Polka-dot Jersey yesterday and standing on the podium at Le Tour de France - the first Eritrean rider ever to do so. Have a glorious Friday, all.

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